Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Yummy Updates

Last night I went to a cookie exchange and it was really fun. Not only did I get some delicious cookies, but I also won a cook book by the Deen Boys!! Tell me that Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breasts w/ Chile Cheese Sauce doesn't sound heavenly! I know that my husband can't wait for me to try it. I'll be sure to post the recipe when we do.
The holidays are sure keeping me busy, and I probably won't post much the week of Christmas, but until then, I'm going to try to stay consistent. Don't forget, I welcome your recipes. Thanks to those of you who have passed some my way, as soon as I try them, I'll probably post them! Thanks again!
Heather :)

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Sarah said...

Hey Heather! Sarah Ropte here. I've been following this blog and trying some of your recipes. We loved the sticky chicken and the sweet corn bread--YUM! : ) Do you happen to get Taste of Home magazine? If you do, we've tried two of the recipes from the latest issue that we loved! It was the Holiday Torteline (sp?) soup and the Buttermilk Roast. If you don't the magazine then I'll pass them along to you!