Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This Week's Menu

It's been a while, but I was just making my grocery list and planning our family menu and thought I'd share--just in case anyone still checks this blog! (if you do, let me know, and maybe I'll try to be a little more faithful!) This week: Grilled Brats/Hot Dogs Tacos Pulled Pork (Boston Butt Recipe) Chicken Ring Breakfast (waffles, bacon and omelettes) Grilled Hamburgers Nothing too fancy--I'm pregnant with #4 and it's too hot to heat up the kitchen for long!


sogni dolci said...

the joy of google reader - it just lets me know when a blog is updated :)

Heather said...

Hey Heather! Well, it's Not even close to when you posted this, but I thought I'd tell you that since I'm responsible to cook for my family soon (mom is going to Taiwan for a month and I rarely cook with her here and with a new job), the first thing I thought to do was to check out your blog again. So here I am! :-) Thanks for the ideas!